Fear in the Night (1972)

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Fear in the Night (1972)
Opis: In London, the twenty-two year-old Peggy Heller meets and marries the school teacher Robert Heller after recovering from a nervous breakdown. Robert works in the countryside in a private school owned by the headmaster Michael Carmichael, who is married with Molly Carmichael. On the eve of moving to the country with her husband, Peggy spends the night at the board house of Mrs. Beamish and is attacked by a man with mechanical arm in her room. Mrs. Beamish calls the doctor but they do not believe in Peggy. On the next morning, she heads with Robert to the country and moves to the cottage in the school. But soon Peggy is attacked by the same man but Robert does not believe in her. Then she meets The Headmaster and realizes that he has a mechanical arm. What will happen next?
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